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November 28, 2009

Thoughts on V: The Series

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I’ve been watching the V re-imagining since it launched just under a month ago, and I’ve found it to be entertaining enough for the most part. I don’t remember the original series too well – I watched some episodes as a kid and read some books, but never followed it in any serious way, which leaves this new series to be judged on its own merits.

So far, I think it is working so far more than it isn’t, although it certainly has its faults. Most noticeable of which, is the astounding lame dialog that frequently occurs. A good example of such was in the pilot episode, where two teenagers were shown on TV. One remarking that it was like the film Independence Day, and his friends responding that that film was a ripoff of any number of alien invasion predecessors. ID4 was a lot of things, but I’m not sure it can be accused of being a ripoff without accusing every other film in history. Not to mention I don’t see kids worrying about that when a spaceship has just landed above Manhattan.

Another example was in the last or second last example, with the lead FBI character remarking that “what are they thinking? It’s like 9/11 never happened!”. Such dialog seems forced..and I’m not sure what it is trying to accomplish. To reinforce to the viewer the fact that governments are accepting the Vs too soon? To show the mistrust of the character? One thing I’m sure of, is that people don’t talk aloud like that to themselves…

The priest storyline also seems a bit forced or out of place. Are they really planning on sustaining this subplot through the season, let alone the series? A follower devout enough to become a priest would not have such problems explaining away the V’s as a test of God or some such. Reasonable people who might note a slight inconsistency with the arrival of extraterrestrials and the lack of any mention in any religious text, would likely not become priests in the first place. It isn’t an interesting subplot, and it has not possible interesting outcome. The setup is interesting…but not the current route they are taking with it.

The love story between the black-guy-V and girl seems a bit odd. Even if we ignore the likelihood that reptilian aliens would likely be so radically different emotionally, that any kind of emotional pairing would be impossible, surely the differences in anatomy would be great enough to prevent such relationships? Perhaps the reasoning behind all of this has to do with the human suits the V’s wear. Unlike the latex suits in the original series, this time they seem to be wearing living tissue. Although, to a more advanced level than Arnie had in T2. We saw at the end of the last episode that being skinned was a form of slow death/torture, so the human skin is obviously bonded quite tightly. Perhaps to a point where the V’s personalities are affected by hormones or something, and they develop the ability to think like humans.

Apparently their suit is advanced enough for pregnancy to occur. I have to wonder about that, as reptilians tend to lay eggs. Perhaps this can be put down to the human suit being advanced enough to go so far as to replicate all the functions of an actual human body. I would just wonder about the DNA…, would it havie nothing to do with the V, and just belong to the human suit.., or would it perhaps be some mix of V and human DNA, similar to how human DNA is mixed with Na’vi DNA in Avatar to maintain some traits.

I also wonder about the male and female aspects. generally with reptiles, there are not so many differences between sexes. Certainly nothing approaching the level of differences present in humans. So, do the V’s just don a male/female suit being indifferent to the gender of their human suit, or do they chose their human gender based on their own? I wonder if these are things that will be revealed through the series, or if they will be considered insignificant.

There was also the ridiculous accusations of the show being an attack on Obama. Promising things like Universal Health Care and using terms like ‘hope’ and ‘change’ are exactly what you would expect from aliens promising to save mankind while planning to screw them. The fact that it premiered on the date Obama was elected is a coincidence, nothing more. Thinking the fact that the lead resistance fighter’s name being Erica is meant to symbolize America is just taking things to far.

There may have been something more with the last episodes focus on tainted vaccines and the H1N1 scare and conspiracy theories, but even that is stretching things. Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar, and a show about aliens is just a show about aliens.

I do think the relaunch of the show is interesting, and the world today is remarkably different to what it was when the show was launched. With the post 9/11 craziness, energy and environment crisis’s, growing xenophobia and such, I think V could examine these issues in a way that few other shows are in as good a position to do so. I look forward to an intelligent commentary on things like the patriot act, fear of unfamiliar cultures, dependence on media, groupthink etc..

V is meant to return in January, and I hope that the show lasts at least a few seasons so it can grow and mature. There is a lack of decent science fiction shows on at present and I would like to see V fill that void, albeit with better writing

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