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January 26, 2010

Family Guy is complete trash – American Dad is awesome

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Family Guy is complete trash. I don’t know how people can consider it anything other than that, and yet it is consistently one of the top rated shows on Fox. Family Guy is in fact popular enough that it was brought back from cancellation, and was able to spawn several DVD movies and a spin-off show. As much as I am aware that humor is an extremely subjective experience and that a persons entertainment choices do not always reflect who they are as people, I can’t help but think that the majority of people who enjoy family guy are below average intelligence.

The typical Family Guy episode has little or not plot and no interesting characters to speak off. It isn’t many shows that have characters as one dimensional and flat as those of Family Guy, and for a cartoon that is saying something. Peter and Chris have been made so retarded that is does not even resemble human anymore, and exist simply as a plot device to accelerate the various gags. The show generally consists of nothing but pop culture references and time fillers. Peter fighting a giant chicken for an extended period of time as a once off thing. When every episode has up to two minutes of Peter laughing in a retarded way or other characters farting or puking or such, it becomes a bit much. I genuinely don’t understand how people can watch that crap. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the same people that enjoy most reality shows.

When South Park satirized Family Guy in 2006 it was 100% accurate in it’s criticisms, as is often the case. In the Cartoon Wars episodes, it is discovered that the Family Guy writers consist of manatees. Manatees that randomly nudge “Idea Balls”, balls with a single name, place or object printed on them, into a machine which then comes up with a gag. The example used in the South Park episode contained the words “Laundry” + “Date” + “Winning” + “Mexico” + “Gary Coleman” which manifested as a clip of Lois asking Peter to do the laundry, from which Peter recalls winning a date in Mexico with Gary Coleman.

There is also the claims that critics of Family Guy make – that they have plagiarized much of their material, especially from The Simpsons. I don’t know how true this is, certainly The Simpsons have been around for a very long time and it would be hard not to do an original storyline that may resembles a Simpsons episode in some way. Yet, most other animated shows manage not to imitate The Simpsons as numerously as Family Guy has seemingly done. It is important also ti separate show concepts from actual plot points. Many shows can be accused of copying another’s formula, i.e. The Simpsons can be said to have borrowed from The Flintstones which in turn can said to have borrowed from the The Honeymooners.

An interesting case is Stewie resembling the comic book character Jimmy Corrigan. I can get making a character who is a genius self aware baby. Even making Stewie matricidal could be put down to a coincidence. However with Stewie even resembling Jimmy Corrigan in appearance, it becomes harder to dismiss as simple coincidence. I don’t think Seth MacFarlane necessarily consciously stole this character, but considering this is just one example of the show lacking in originality I think it is highly likely that Stewie was at least subconsciously inspired by Jimmy Corrigan.

American Dad on the other hand is amazing. I really, really do not understand how people think that American Dad are basically are the same show. What nonsense. Yes, at an abstract level they are similar as both are cartoons with a non human family member, but that is about where the similarities end. The primary characters of Family Guy are so retarded that it is impossible to relate to them. At least with the characters from American Dad they are caricatures of real life stereotypes that people can relate to. More importantly, American Dad has a plot – unlike Family Guy, which to quote South Park simply has one interchangeable joke after another with no relevance to the plot.

This is where see the main difference. No one could seriously make the claim that American Dad was written by manatees. The show has had some very original plots and jokes, no doubt helped by the interesting setup of working for the CIA and having access to all kinds of technology. I can only guess that the people who claim American Dad and Family Guy are the same show are oblivious to plots and have a blank mind until some sort of throwaway joke inevitably appears. Which is a shame.

Additionally, American Dad has Patrick Stewart on the cast as American Dad’s boss. How cool is that?

One thing I did notice that was slightly annoying was that Rogers nose stopped being an issue. In the earlier seasons it was hard for Roger to leave the house because he obviously did not look human, a large part of which was his lack of a nose. This actually inspired many plot points, such as one where Roger picks a fake nose that ends up with him being mistaken for Kevin Bacon. Lately this hasn’t mattered, with a mustache and glasses or a dress and a wig sufficing. I wonder why such things are forgotten…a change in writing staff perhaps? No matter.

In conclusion, Family Guy is complete trash without original or interest plots or characters and much of the time of episodes being dedicated to Peter laughing for extended periods – simply to bypass the time. American Dad is purely a plot based show with original and relatable characters and clever and relevant jokes. If you have not seen the Cartoon Wars episodes of South Park I highly recommend them, if not for the fair criticism of Family Guy(critics and fans are equally represented) then for the argument it makes against censorship.


  1. You suck! Ah haw haw ha!

    Comment by peter griffin — May 11, 2010 @ 2:05 am

  2. I agree with you there about how Family lacks in story lines. It’s so true but to have American Dad which follows the same pattern with the cut away gags. They good thing is the cut aways are tailored to the story line.

    I think South Park rules the roost.

    Check here.

    You’re right Cartoon Wars depicts Family Guy in the right way.

    Comment by Peter Bakare — October 25, 2010 @ 2:48 pm

  3. Completely agree. I judge peoples tastes when I ask weather they like family guy or american dad.

    Comment by pussy willow — November 8, 2010 @ 4:12 am

  4. A message from Peter Griffin…..
    …..Testicals!..that is all………..

    Comment by Peter Griffin — March 29, 2011 @ 2:04 pm

  5. you are stupid. i hate your mind.

    Comment by shut up — April 14, 2011 @ 11:22 am

  6. The thing with family guy is that it is obsurdity in it’s purist form, i would consider myself fairly intelligent and so feel that this has no bearing on what sort of TV shows i should watch. Yes the jokes are stupid and don’t tend to fit in with the main storyline but that doesn’t matter as some of them are belly laugh funny; the characters may not also be as well developed like in other shows such as the simpsons etc but lets face it they are only there to set up for the cutaways and running gags.

    If you don’t like this kind of comedy that’s fine but don’t accuse people who do watch these sort of shows as having a low intelligence level as that’s just wrong

    Comment by Mike Newbold — August 26, 2012 @ 9:44 am

    • I don’t understand how anyone intelligent could find five men in a room coughing for 10 minutes funny, but you’re right, intelligence doesn’t have to have a bearing on liking or disliking a show.

      Comment by allthatiswrong — December 11, 2012 @ 5:09 am

  7. Ive ALWAYS hated Family Guy. Initially it started out when I was about 17, and everyone I knew would ram the show down your throat. At that point I wasn’t really into animated series at all. Then when I started watching south park again I realized how stupid FG was because SP has the sense to use social commentary in an intelligent and funny way, South Park came a long way from season 1&2. Season 3 is where SP nailed it and kept rolling on. FG is nothing but unrelated cut after cut of literal gags. Definitely not funny.

    Comment by Michael — September 16, 2012 @ 10:45 pm

  8. You sir, are a fool. If you want anyone to take you seriously, next time you write an article don’t include so many abstract evaluations. Words such as “cool” are better left for a thirteen year old’s journal.

    Comment by Kacey — October 4, 2012 @ 12:47 am

  9. Opinions r like faces…Everyone’s got one…I agree that American Dad is better off as a show though….All thanks to Roger…Brian is hardly a third as comic as he is.

    Comment by BeingHuman007 — October 24, 2012 @ 4:53 am

  10. Both are complete trash!

    Comment by Anonymous — May 1, 2014 @ 4:10 pm

  11. I love Family Guy and hate Amerucan Dad. I often wonder why. People seem to love one and hate the other, either way. No one loves both. Why is this? In any case, I want more Orville

    Comment by Andrew Hauck — April 17, 2020 @ 11:26 pm

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