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February 1, 2010

The TSA goes unpunished yet again

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Basically a TSA officer planted a small sealable plastic bag full of white powder into a young college girls bag as she was going through security. After terrifying this poor girl and reducing her to tears he smiled while explaining that the bag was his and that it was all a joke, and that she was free to move along. Despite this behavior being reported to the TSA supervisors on staff by the victim and a slew of appalled onlookers, the entire event was dismissed and excused as a training exercise.

Later on that day as a reaction to the bad publicity a TSA spokeswoman stated the agent in question is no longer employed with the TSA and privacy laws prevented her from disclosing the agents name. Now, we have no way of knowing that the agent was indeed fired and no guarantee that the agent was appropriate disciplined for his unacceptable behavior.

What I don’t understand is that if I as a passenger make a joke about having an illegal or dangerous substance on my being or in my baggae then I will face, at a minimum very steep fines or far more likely jail time. Yet this TSA officer, acting in an official capacity and making a ‘joke’ that represented a serious threat to this girls career and life has allegedly lost only his job.

Why does this kind of thing not cause more of an outroar? Why are the TSA not held accountable for their incompetence, especially in cases like this where it is deliberate and malicious. At the very least a fine and guarantee that the officer will not be able to work in any similar positions of authority should have been required. Instead this, along with all the other crap the TSA has done will be swept under the rug and forgotten about without any kind of penalty. What kind of message does that send?

People are happy to accept this thuggery because it does not have any direct impact on their lives, and they don’t stop to think and realize just how inappropriate and dangerous the agents actions were. They don’t stop to think and realize that the agent maybe losing his job is simply not enough. Until people bother to think for themselves and understand why this isn’t acceptable, this kind of behavior will continue, and perhaps get worse. At which time, it will be too late – if it isn’t already.

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