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April 22, 2010

The best QuakeLive trick ever…which I invented

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I really love QuakeLive. I don’t have to pay for it, it’s simple and to the point, works on all platforms and I don’t have to deal with any retarded cheating or DRM shit. I’ve been playing for a while, but no where near as long as some of the players on there. I would consider my skill level intermediate, or perhaps above average. One of my favorite maps to play is Vortex Portal. I quite enjoy being able to use the launchpads to gain control of a situation or masterfully escape if necessary. When I started playing I quickly thought of a strategy that I had not seen anyone else use and was quite brilliant.

This strategy is to get full health and then the megahealth, and wait until you get the shield rune. The megahealth is really only necessary to deal with cowardly railwhores, but is still a good idea in any case. Also make sure to have the Scout powerup. Wait until the enemy base is busy(you can land on the jumping thing and jump a few times to survey the situation) and then make sure to get their flag and they will likey follow you. Go back through the middle portal, and at the instant you exit the portal activate the shield rune. If done correctly this should leave a small gap so that when your enemies come through chasing you they will all plunge to their deaths, completely helpless.

I don’t know why but this gives me an intense feeling of pleasure. Perhaps just because my trick works…and that it continues to work time and time again in the same match with the same people. Oddly enough I have only ever had one person steal it and use it against me….but I have started seeing more people employ this trick. Thus, I felt I should lay claim to it. Enjoy.

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