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February 10, 2011

More thoughts on V: The Series

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I wrote about V back in November after the series first launched. Despite the bad acting and lack of vision for the show, I thought a lot of interesting possibilities were opened up. We are now almost halfway through season 2 and things are not looking much better.

The series started by revealing Anna’s mother being kept prisoner somewhere in the ship for over a decade. It seems quite a stretch that no one would have discovered her given that Dianna was the previous queen who is thought to have died Even so, it’s nice to see Jane Badler on screen once again. It was then revealed that Erika was experimented on while she was pregnant with Tyler and that Tyler is missing many parts of his DNA. Right. I always find it annoying when in shows like this the hero ends up having some link to the villain despite that seems extremely unlikely.

The show then got incredibly bad very fast as Anna declared the human soul their most important goal and that they must learn how to remove it from humans before we could be conquered. Really? A race as advanced as the V’s is not able to dismiss the superstitious beliefs of a lesser race as baseless? I did like that the rebellion is expanding past the 5 people from the first group and starting to join forces with a more established force.

I originally thought the religion angle opened up some interesting possibility but it hasn’t been explored at all. Given that it isn’t being explored at all I have no idea why they even included a priest as a character let alone the interaction between Anna and the Pope. Likewise Chad Decker seems to be playing the same conflicted role in every episode never developing as a character or doing anything meaningful.

I think the skin aspect is still interesting and I hope to see it expanded. The fact that the hybrid baby was given a skin and now acts like a human baby down to making all the same sounds is interesting. We also know that being deskinned is extremely painful so the skin obviously bonds on some low level and is more than just a suit. It will be interesting to see what happens with the child and it is interesting to note the child is the main point in the promotions for the show.

One thing I can’t get past is the terrible CGI jaw effects. Just terrible and unnecessary. Some makeup and fake teeth would have been far more impressive. I do like a lot of the new cast that have been added…namely Oded Fehr and Jay Karnes(Dutch!). It’s also nice to Nicholas Lea (Krycek!) getting some more screentime. I really don’t have any idea where the show is going and given there are only 7 episodes left I fear it is going to be some more running around and trying not to get caught culminating in an attack that bring Anna’s wrath. Hopefully the show will be more complex than that as I would expect from the show runner of The 4400.

Update 1 – March 2nd 2011
Well, only a few episodes later and things have gotten worse. While I thought it was promising that Oded Fehr and Nicholas Lea were going to be regulars they were killed of quite quickly. I guess more than 3 capable actors just aren’t in this shows budget. Then having the priest be fired…now he just serves as the conscience for the team? If the show wasn’t going to examine the effect aliens would have on faith why have him be a priest at all? Now Erika has randomly been given control of the entire 5th column because Eli liked her…sure, I guess that’s believable. Although now she is a completely different character who has no trouble killing innocent people which of course puts her at odds with the priest. Aye.

The other stupid thing from the last episode is that the visitors main plan is to harvest human DNA. For which they have a big scary machine that actually extracts DNA from humans killing them in the process. Really? The visitors couldn’t just take a copy of the completed genome, or a few blood or hair samples? There is an excess of human DNA floating around….would such an advanced race really need to go through the whole cover live aboard program cover and then kill them in the process? Let’s see how much worse this show can get…

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