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February 10, 2011

Thoughts on Shutter Island

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I saw this movie about 5 weeks ago while I was in Montreal. I had heard mixed things about it but as I like Leo and had never seen a Scorsese film I didn’t like I had good expectations. How wrong I was. What a terrible terrible movie and I can’t understand how it was made by the same director or The Departed and Goodfellas. Many of the comments I had read on the movie stated something along the lines of if Scorsese was not the director the movie would have been rightly criticize and that is something I wholeheartedly agree with.

I had an idea from the previews that it might have been the type of movie where everything is not as it seems and there may be a twist or to. Alternatively I thought that it would be the story of something terrible going wrong on the island and the marshal being imprisoned to prevent exposure. If only that was the story. What the movie was instead was the idea of a reality not being what it seems. The same concept that had been dealt with by films such as Identity, Gothika and The Sixth Sense in far superior ways.

The main problem with this movie is that from the start subtlety is thrown out the window. If you’re going to do the type of film that draws the protagonists reality into doubt you have to do so carefully, always giving reasons to doubt not reasons to draw a conclusion straight away. That’s the problem with Shutter Island. When a US Marshall was forced to surrender his gun to a hospital it was not implausible. But as things continued and occurrences such as two orderlies restraining the marshal not being remarked on at all then the answer was clear. Given that the protagonist loses the suit less than halfway through the film and sleeps with the other patients…well nothing is left to the imagination.

By the time the big reveal comes it has already been painfully obvious to anyone watching the movie, making the hour leading up to that moment a waste of time. The cinematography and acting were fine, just the decision to make the twist so obvious from so early on ruined the film for me. Perhaps Scorsese was going for something that I missed or didn’t end up working. Or perhaps he just isn’t suited to making these types of movies. Even so, one bad movie out of over 20 amazing movies isn’t a bad track record and I hope he continues to maintain this average.


  1. Nice post!

    I agree that the movie was not that great… I actually thought Leo’s other movie – Inception – was a far better story of “whats real and whats not”.

    Comment by Ipodman — February 10, 2011 @ 9:11 am

    • Thanks Ipodman,

      I agree Inception was an amazing movie. I was at amazed that people found it too complex or hard to follow though.

      Comment by allthatiswrong — February 10, 2011 @ 2:07 pm

      • Hmm… I’m surprised as well that some people say Inception is very confusing… I can name 50 other movies in 2010 alone I found more confusing… Harry Potter, Prince of Persia, Last Airbender etc -.-

        Comment by Ipodman — February 11, 2011 @ 12:01 am

  2. What I could get from the shutter island  movie is that one of the insane prisoner has disappeared whose name is Rachel , Doctor Cawley got worried about two things if she escapes from the island and report them about the experiments that he does to his patients or if she was found dead by someone that he would report that to the police then the prison’s leaders would be prosecuted for not declaring of her disappearance. so Dr Cawley declared her disappearance to be found and returned to the prison when the investigator was in his way to the shutter island, he met a guy in the ship who was pretending that he works with MARSHAL as well but as a matter of fact he was sent by Dr Cawley just in case if the investigator found out the experiments during his investigation they would make a way to get rid of him so Chuck could be acting the rule of teddy’s company what made teddy trust him.
    When the Marshall’s agents got the island they were asked to surrender their firearms, that sounded strange  to teddy, he took it off quickly from his belt but CHUCK took time to remove as it is a fake firearm. In the entrance teddy started looking around the prison and prisoners suddenly an old prisoner woman gave teddy a sign not to talk that meant don’t tell anything to CHUCK as he tells everything to Dr CAWLEY. When teddy met Dr Crawley in his office,  he saw some strange wallpapers ( a man tied with a chair and something above his head like a machine and the other picture an old man walking like an animal ) later teddy checked her room, he found a piece of paper was written on it “who’s patient 67” Rachel is smart as she was psychiatrist in that prison but Dr Cawley started giving her a medical treatment with (aspirins , coffee , food…)  because Rachel knew the truth and Dr was worried if the truth would reveal outside the island so he should keep her in the island, Rachel managed to escape her locked room and let that piece of paper for the investigator as tips to go asking Cawley for the document files of this patient in fact this patient doesn’t exist because the prison contained only 66 patients  teddy demanded Dr Cawley to allow him to check the document files of the prisoners Dr Cawley refused he could only allow him to  interview the prisoners.
    Teddy started interviewing patients the second patients was a woman Who asked Chuck for a glass of water to get rid of him since she knows Chuck works for the prison’s leaders and wrote to teddy “run” to save him while chuck was filling the glass he turned around to check what  she would do because he was worried if she tells him something about them.
    The doubts increased that there’s something wrong with the prison teddy wanted to stop them, Chuck asked teddy to quit this investigation as he was scared if teddy would spread around the truth of this prison but teddy needed evidences to crack the prison down, Chuck went to Cawley secretly and said teddy aware of what’s going on here Cawley thought of another solution that to tell teddy, we  found Rachel then teddy would leave the island, teddy met fake Rachel that was pretending she’s patient but as a matter in fact she works in the prison as a nurse anyway she acted insanity to him, The aspirins that teddy takes from Cawley started showing the symptoms by Hallucination,  teddy did not leave the island, he became hallucinating regularly and sees his wife which she tells him that the real Rachel is still in the island and she asked to find leaddies who killed her by lighting fire in the apartment building, teddy started looking for him in the ward c he found a guy in the jail who told him to leave the island as he described teddy as a rat in a maze and recommend him to let go her wife.     ” she’s dead”  but teddy couldn’t forget her and he wanna keeps his promise that he will find laeddies and kill him( Hallucination) , the guy concluded that he would not leave the island if he went to the light house.
    Teddy was in his way to the lighthouse found the real Rachel who explained to him what’s going on in the island then he headed to the light house when he got there, he found doctor Cawley who was sitting and waiting for him because Chuck tells all Teddy’s plan to Cawley to plan how to make teddy believe that he’s insane after long discussion with each other Cawley managed to make teddy doubt that he’s sane especially when chuck came in and he was on Dr Cawley’s side claiming that he’s insane and wanted him to get convinced by anyway explaining him that he is Laeddies ANDREW who murdered his wife but you can’t accept it since you love her much… In addition to the firearm which he tried to shoot with, it was just a toy plus the other shoot-gun was empty on purpose, they knew he would head to the light house by Chuck,  they planned everything to make him loose his self-confidence and believe he’s insane.
    After collapsing on the floor, he was transferred to be taken care when he wakes up, Dr Cawley asked him to confess his crime against his wife to record his confession as a criminal and saved it as a proof why he’s there, he did to satisfy them since he couldn’t prove he’s sane but he believe he is, later he sat on the doorsteps and said to chuck (what would it be worse to live as a monster or to live as good man)  monster refers to Cawley, chuck and the other staff a then he went for the labotomy.

    Comment by Hicham ahmach — December 26, 2011 @ 6:44 pm

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