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March 3, 2011

Thoughts on Tron Legacy

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Last night I finally saw Tron Legacy. I was curious to see it since it came out but couldn’t afford to see it at the movies and wouldn’t have paid even if I could. Luckily the DVDRIP was released today after quite a wait. After watching it…..the main feeling I had was ‘meh’. In a lot of the reviews I had people had some issues with the films gratuitous product placement, Jeff Bridges reprising his Dude character and the virtual world not being ‘realistic’. That last gripe seems somewhat dumb, although I have to say I didn’t really have any problems with the film. The elder Flynn’s dialogue did seem slightly odd to me and I don’t think that is how you would talk to your son you haven’t seen in 20 years….but at the same time I don’t know if I would have even thought about it had it not been brought to my attention. That and the meditating seemed odd. I didn’t really notice any product placement out of the ordinary, although Sam Flynn seemed to have an oddly high number of throwaway wannabe catch phrases. The film was low on plot and seemed like mainly an excuse for action, but that isn’t always a bad thing.

My main thoughts on the film were trying to understand how what we saw could work in our world. Nothing is really explained in the film and a lot of questions are raised. First of all, how would digitization work? It seems more likely that a digitized copy of you would be made rather than you would actually be converted or transferred into a digital format. However going by both films this is exactly what happens. I can get that a laser could scan an object to make a digital representation but can’t think of a reason that would cause the actual object to disappear. What about digitized humans bleeding in the grid? I guess because it is a perfect digitized representation of a human, down to having digital blood flowing through their digital body. What about when Quorra appeared in the real world? Does this mean the laser has the ability to create complex lifeforms or objects from a program template? If so that would essentially be the replicator from Star Trek, which a lot more interesting to me than users vs programs.

What about the programs? We saw in the grid there were that there homeless programs which doesn’t exactly make sense. Programs wouldn’t need food and shelter in the same way as non digital life forms so the concept of a homeless program seems a bit odd. I would expect a ‘homeless’ program to be more akin to the exiles in The Matrix. Programs cheering at the games must indicate something similar to emotion which is interesting to consider. As is the fact that programs can apparently be knocked unconscious. Perhaps when thumped it alters their programming rather than blood flow being temporarily stopped. I also thought it was odd that programs went to a bar and listened to music and had drinks. Either their AI is advanced enough to the point they enjoy similar things to humans or they were made in their makers image with a high degree of accuracy. Either way….it seemed strange. Speaking of which, Zeus is a truly terrible character. If they wanted David Bowie that badly couldn’t they have just asked him?

The film is enjoyable enough for what it is and I don’t really have a problem with anything as seen so much as wishing the rules for the world were explained. I liked the unix references at the beginning, although the backdoor account was almost as bad as the Password Overide prompt trope. I think the whole users and programs separation is odd, as surely a digitized user would be a program in some form? People were complaining about the air and lightning and such but that doesn’t really concern me, as the grid could have been made to resemble our world…or perhaps Flynn created the basis of a worl that was able to grow and develop on its own as the earth once did?

Clu seemed fine to me…I didn’t notice the uncanny valley some people noted and I thought the technology was incredibly impressive. I think the idea of the ISOs and life appearing in a digital world is interesting and would have liked to see it explored more. When Quorra came into the real world, was she translated to human format or something else? How could a program exist outside of a digital realm? One thing I was thinking about was if the world would maintain state if the power got cut off. What would happen to a human who died while in the grid…would it be the same as any program, and they would simply be erased or repurposed? What about the ending…did Kevin die? Will future Tron movies be carried by Sam Flynn? Fun movies and I look forward to seeing what they do with the franchise in the future.

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