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April 4, 2011

Thoughts on Back to the Future The Game – Episode 3

I finished playing Episode 3 of Back to the Future: The Game yesterday, not even realizing it had been released. Like the other episodes it is very short, taking just under 2 hours to finish. All of the problems I have with the games (Marty being nervous, consistency for in game choices etc…) still exist and are unlikely to be ‘fixed’, so there is little point in talking about them further.

I liked how the episode started off with the DeLorean being stuck in the billboard, but thought it was odd that Marty couldn’t just fly out of there since the engine was still working. I also thought it odd that he would just leave the time machine there, since he needs Doc to fix it, not build one from scratch. The bizarre pocket space is still in effect, with Jennifer fitting a tire iron almost half her size in her back pocket and Marty able to carry his guitar in his back pocket.

There were some nice touches in this episode to the original films. I liked that in this reality Lorraine had an alcohol problem as she did in various other realities. I liked the return of Jennifer…but she was so very different from how she appeared in the movies and as we didn’t see the game version of her until now, the impact was kind of lost. Marty wasn’t too bad in this one and didn’t seem so overbearingly nervous even competing in a guitar play-off to win back Jennifer. Although….why he did this since that timeline is hopefully going to disappear seems odd.

Overall an enjoyable episode and I look forward to seeing where the story goes and how it wraps up.

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