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November 9, 2011

Thoughts on the Occupy protests

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I don’t really understand these various Occupy protests. Yes, the disparity between the rich and the poor is significant. Yes, it’s fucked up when people’s lives are getting ruined and others are wasting millions of dollars a day. However the problem here is not lobbyists. It’s not people being greedy. To some extent it is the system itself that allows people to exploit it, however ultimately the problem lies with people. The very same people who are now camping in cities all over the world trying to initiate some sort of change or perhaps revolution. The problem is that none of these protesting are making any effort to initiate change. All they are making is change. It is for this reason that the protests are essentially irrelevant and are inevitably going to fade away.

Aside from the lack of any cohesion between the various protests, none of the protestors really have an idea what they are protesting about. They are simply showing their immaturity by camping outside governments and financial institutions hoping someone takes notice and makes it better. What I don’t understand if these people were genuinely upset with the status quo, why not work within the system to fix things? The representative democracies in place in most western countries allow for people to be voted in. Why not create a 99% party and vote in people who they actually trust to fix things, not being limited to the Democrats or Republicans?

Of course, democracy has its own problems. Any system that relies on the influence of the majority is flawed from the start. People don’t know what they need, shouldn’t have what they want and most f the time shouldn’t be allowed to vote on the number of issues that they are. Churchill said, “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” Which is very true. Why then are none of these protestors hard at work on an alternative? An alternative where a 1% simply cannot exist? It’s something I plan on putting a lot of effort into in the next few years; of course first I have to do extensive research into all relevant topics. As opposed to just going off half cocked and making noise, which is just foolish.

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  1. I visited my non-political non-voting son the other day. He had researched the movement, as he always does when his interest is perked. He disagreed with me about their causes and was impassioned to the point of tears and says he would love to be there. He is 30 and single. He wants to be a part of a cause he believes in. However, he and I own a lawn service and he does all the work. I agree that the people doing the protests are questionable examples of what they are fighting about. However, I do know that protests are what people resort to when they have talked and written until they are blue in the face to no avail. I’m still writing. A part of this movement has been carried out by political activists because we have had them in Springfield, MO I keep thinking back to the Vietnam war protests. I paid little attention to them as they came before my political awakening. They did change things for a while. They also started with the same type of people. Then we had the Kent State shootings and then everyone had a cause. I think that their causes I am now aware of are legitimate.. I also think that the only way the common person can get heard is by making a disturbance. The important thing to me is that the young are getting involved and without the young our pleas will fall on deaf ears. You know they were discussing a return of the draft for the military. From what I see, and I think the politicians knew this, I think the resistance to it would have been phenominal. I really believe that since Vietnam the days of getting a bunch of lambs willing to be led away to slaughter to fight for a political whim are over. I don’t think the people would tolerate it. Everyone is pretty well informed anymore if they want to be.

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