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February 13, 2013

Back to it

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I had actually thought I posted this in January and just realized it was only saved as a draft. Oh Seeming as I have been show to stick to what I wrote, perhaps now is a better starting point.

Well, I’d like to apologize to my very small base of readers, if indeed I even have any regular readers, for the lack of activity on this blog.

I realize now in mid December that I have not written anything for my blog since February. When I originally started this I had plans to write something at least every week, and I certainly though the lengthier articles I plan to write on Scientology, democracy, piracy and the like would be written by now. Part of it is because I have been slack, choosing to play games and watch TV shows in stead of writing…but there are other factors as well.

So, I’m going to write a short review of this year, and hopefully this will be the commencement of a lot more regularity in my posting.

So, I started this year in New York City for NYE…which was lame without knowing any parties to go to. The lower east village and Williamsburg were dead…nothing going on. Looks like I’m going to be here again for this NYE as I don’t have money to make more of it, but hopefully it will be more interesting. After NYE in NYC, I went back to Montreal where I was living while waiting for my green card to process, which took forever! I managed to find an awesome IT Security job, I wish I had found it much earlier while I was in Montreal…being able to only work at the company for a few months was lame, but still rewarding with friends and contacts I have made.

My bed situation was interesting during this time, as I had been looking for an apartment with a friend of mine and as Montreal advertises in the retarded European way, where every room is listed as opposed to just bedrooms, we ended up sharing a studio with a separate kitchen. It worked surprisingly well, having the kitchen as a bedroom, although the lack of desk made it hard to do any writing. I also have an unhealthy addiction for sites like Slashdot which I need to stop reading.

I had gone back to the hostel I used to work at in Cancun which was a fun experience and I met a girl who ended up becoming one of my closest friends. I then went back about a month later with a girl I had met a year earlier in Cancun….a girl I’d tried to be friends with for a long time, then finally she wanted to go to Mexico with me. While there making it seem like I was trying to get with her when I didn’t hit on her once, and then ended up deserting me (just as a friend and travel companion) for an Israeli guy. Seriously, what a bitch.

On the 12th of July I had my green card interview, which was one of the most exciting times of my life. My documents from Australia had not arrived in time which was extremely frustrating, as was the ridiculous amount of time it took my country to get me a new passport. So, while approved I had to wait another month…it would have been nice to work for that month, although I think I burned a bridge by being unable to work my last shift.

Finally in August, I noticed I was able to go and pick it up. How unbelievably exciting it was. The next day I was on an early bus walking to the location, and then I spent the day packing and getting ready for my busride into the US. Crossing the border was no issue, and I finally had my green card. Such a good feeling. I’d wanted to live in NYC for the longest time, and now I was going to. In NYC for a weekend with my friend from Cancun, then back to her place in Connecticut until went to Vegas to see a friend. Vegas is such a fun town, but boring by yourself…really need money to make the most of it. Then to Portland to visit another friend….and then a long flight back home where I had not been in several years.

I was a bit worried about home due to certain potentially fraudulent acts I had committed in the past, yet nothing came of it. Safe for the moment. It was amazing to see my parents and meet my nieces and nephew. I severely underestimated how much I was missed and felt so bad for not calling more regularly. Still, I set up Skype video calling which makes my parents very happy. It was amazing to see my family again…although I realized I didn’t miss it at all, and was glad to be leaving. I couldn’t imagine having to be back there…it would be like a punishment. Furthermore many of the things I missed, like certain cola’s and food items no longer existed.

During this time I had been trying desperately to find an apartment as I knew I couldn’t stay with anyone, not really. I managed to find one room in Bushwick for only $450/month, including utilities! I was worried it was a scam but it was fine. The room is small, but I can fit a full size bed in there and other stuff. It’s amazing just to be able to have my own place that I can afford pretty easily. No room for a desk, which makes it hard to do writing, but as I write this I am in one of the fine libraries available in this city, something I plan to do regularly from now on. Not least because I have consistent fast internet, not broken WEP internet far away.

In October it was back to NYC, back to selling comedy tickets for income to live. I haven’t taken advantage of too much NYC stuff yet, but plan to go to a lot more bars as soon as money permits as well as the museums, restaurants, shows, parks…all of it. All the amazing stuff I now have at my hands. In the meanwhile…I’m now back to learning Spanish regularly… Rosetta Stone did nothing for me. Learning Assembly and trying to get a decent grasp of statistics. Perhaps most importantly I have regular meetings with someone to help me work on my business plan. I’m hoping to find a high paying job to help me start early next year…ideally a job allowing me a lot of time to write.

So, that’s it from me, for the moment.

tl;dr — I haven’t had constant internet or a desk so have found it hard to write, but plan to do a lot more from now on while living in NYC on the road to starting my new business.

Next week, perhaps an article on organic food.

Thoughts on Fedora 18

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Thoughts on Fedora 18

I recently decided to remove my long running Slackware install with Fluxbox and Tint2 and install Fedora 18. I chose Fedora because I know that is is well maintained and up to date, and I wanted to start delving deeper into SELinux . I thought it would be a good opportunity to see how Linux on the desktop has progressed.

I was sadly disappointed. Fedora may not be the first name people think of when they think of a polished desktop Linux experience, but it had to be better than the eternally buggy Ubuntu. I didn’t think it would be too different from Debian and so I had high expectations. I was very disappointed.

I should disclose that I may have been at a disadvantage as I did a full install from the 900mb live CD as opposed to the DVDs, however I noticed no warning that my experience would be hampered in any way if I installed this route.

The first thing I noticed was that there was no no easy way to minimize or close windows that was apparent, short of right clicking. This was quite frustrating, and did not seem to make much sense. I decided to install other desktops such as MATE and Cinnamon, to see how they were in comparison to the horrible Gnome 3.

The problems I had then were with the package manager. Using the package manager I thought I would search for the mate desktop, using mate as my search term. I found a bunch of packages, with it not being clear which ones I had to install or which dependencies were needed. After dealing with a lot of nonsense about waiting in a queue before I could actually install packages, it turns out I had not managed to install the MATE desktop.

I did manage to install cinnamon, although I had the same problem of trying to guess which packages were actually for the desktop environment. Isn’t package management on Linux now meant to be easy to use and intuitive? That is not all the experience I had. Compiling from source would have been significantly easier.

I also noticed that there was no way to easily disconnect from a wireless network. I had connected to the wrong network by mistake and when wanting to rectify this, I found no way in the GUI to disconnect from the current network.

Finally I decided to logoff to test out my newly installed Cinnamon (and I had thought MATE) environments. This was the kicker…there was no logoff option. Apparently this is a well known bug (feature?) with Fedora, in that if there is only one user account the logoff option is not displayed. Sigh. Even ctrl+alt+backspace didn’t work to restart the X server.

I still plan to use Fedora a lot more, but for my initial impressions I am not at all impressed. Year of the Linux Desktop? Not this year, or not with Fedora at least.