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June 15, 2011

Obtrusiveness in cinemas

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The Alamo Drafthouse recently banned texting in cinemas. Is that too far? I don’t get why people get so upset about a tiny little screen far in front of them which they shouldn’t be paying attention to in the first place. Do people really lack the willpower to just ignore such a thing and focus on the movie? If people are talking or being obtrusive that is one thing….but people getting upset about just texting or whispering something to a partner is getting out of hand. Some people even have a fit at people talking during the previews….the previews for gods sakes! Regardless of what some people may think, the previews are not the start of the movie and there is nothing wrong with discussing them.

I think it is especially amusing that some people get so bent out of shape as part of the reason people go and see a movie at the cinema is not just the big screen and better sound, but the shared experience. People like to laugh together, to be surprised together, all of that stuff. Given how vocal Americans like to be at movies, I find it odd that being obtrusive in one way is fine, but if someone wants to do something that isn’t inherently obtrusive they have a fit about it. Clapping when a bad guy is defeated? Fine. Subtly checking a text message? How dare you!

I wish I had so little to worry about that I could afford to focus on someone taking 2 seconds to check a screen a few seats away obscured by other people or chairs rather than paying attention to the movie I paid to watch and enjoy. As it is I have enough willpower just to focus on the movie and not blow trivial things out of context. Rather than banning text messaging in a theater, perhaps we could ban the people so petty that they feel the need to complain about it?


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