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January 14, 2011

Thoughts on Frozen

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During my 4 day train journey I managed to watch many films. I had planned on doing a lot of writing but the vibrations of the train made that harder than it should be. I remember hearing about Frozen at the beginning of 2010, where it was getting a lot of fuss for being independent and that it should be supported for this reason, even if it was not that great of a film.

Well, it isn’t that great of a film. The characters make many stupid decisions that are hard to believe, and then the major threat in the film is wolves, and not so much the fact that they are trapped. The way they get trapped while extremely unlikely is believable enough, or at least it’s possible to suspend disbelief at this point. Once they are up there though…

First of all, apparently no one has a cell phone. I’ve never been to a ski resort so have no idea about signal strength, but assuming cell phones work at the resort I don’t see why they would fail on the ski lift. Even so, that isn’t even a problem with the movie. After an hour or so and they realize they are trapped, one of the characters gets the idea to jump down. Despite wolves having been circling under them for a while. Of course, he breaks his legs, and then gets eaten by wolves.

I don’t know enough about wolves, but it seems unlikely that they would wander into a ski resort area packed by humans. I also wonder how likely it is that they would devour a human. The thing I really don’t get is the jumping. Surely if they just huddled together for the night, putting their jackets over their heads or something, they would be found eventually. People would notice they were missing and search for them, or someone would find them during the day, even with it being closed for the weekend.

Even if that wasn’t a possibility, why would jumping from a hundred feet or so be a good idea? Surely they would have tried shimmying across the cable to the pole which has a ladder first? Of course one of the characters does try this, but only after the first jumps, has his legs broken with bone protruding through skin and his face eaten by wolves. It doesn’t make much of a difference however; as once he gets down he also gets eaten by wolves.

The movie relies on the wolves as the main threat in the movie to the point where the ski lift is just a catalyst, and the movie should have been called Wolves. It isn’t terribly believable as it is one unlikely and unlucky coincidence one after the other that makes it hard to suspend disbelief and thus care about the characters. I like horror films or thrillers, and I support independent film makers, but it seems like this film could have been so much more if it had just tried. When the filmmakers don’t even bother to check if there are wolves in New England, then it becomes much harder to support them and just because they are independent is not reason enough.


  1. I really cannot understand why none of them have a flashlight anyway. A pocket-sized one can be seen miles away. Some even have strobe/SOS function.
    Once again, never go resort without a cellphone and a flashlight. As a man, you have to protect your girl.

    Comment by Pasco Tam — March 14, 2014 @ 6:37 am

  2. It seemed you didn’t really pay much attention to the movie. I just rewatched it and the wolves are not seen or heard until after he jumps. The ski resort is not closed for the weekend. They get stuck on a Sunday and is closed until the following Friday. Did you watch the movie or just read a summary?

    Comment by Jeff — February 22, 2015 @ 10:37 pm

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